Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long until delivery of order? 6. Who is the artist, and where are they made? 
2. Which methods of payments do you accept? 7. How are shipping charges calculated?
3. What materials are used?  8  How are they shipped?
4. What are the various finishes used, and what care is needed?  9. How are they shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Foreign?
5. What do they weigh? 10. How are the pieces packed?
1.  How long until delivery of order? 
Our estimates of shipping times may have to be re-posted from time to time, however once your payment method has been cleared, please allow:
  • January thru September = 10 days to 2 weeks 
  • October thru December = 2 to 4 weeks 

    2. Which methods of payments do you accept?
    We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.  Credit card orders are the fastest, and will be processed within 24 hrs., via our secure server, safely and confidentially.   You may also mail us a cashiers check or money order.  You may mail us a personal check or traveller's check, however please allow 7-10 days additional for clearance.
    3.  What materials are used? 
    Materials of the finest quality are used to produce these lasting pieces of art.  Metal sculptures are brass (approximately 2/3 copper).  Stone bases are marble or granite.  Wood bases are hardwood with medium-sheen black finish.
    4.  What are the various finishes used, and what care is needed? 
  • Patina Finish: Soft oxidized (green) copper color.  Dust or wipe with soft cloth.  Buffing with jewelry cloth can restore luster.
  • "Bronze" Finish: Rich, coppery brown.  Dust or buff with soft cloth.  Damp cloth will remove dirt.
  • Polished Brass: The color of shiny copper or gold, like a trumpet.  Brass polish may be used only on these areas (about once a year).

    5.  What do they weigh?
    The following are approximations, only intended to provide general data: 
    Item Price: Approx. Weight:
    $0-$199 2-20 lbs.
    $200-$1199 30-45 lbs.
    $1200-up 60-90 lbs.

    6.  Who is the artist, and where are they made? 
    The sculptures are designed by an artistic team, whose offices are located in San Francisco.  The foundries are located in China.

    7.  How are shipping charges calculated? 
    Shipping charges are added on a simple 3-tiered basis (per item):
    Item Price: Shipping:
    $0-$199 $15
    $200-$1199 $25
    $1200-up $90

    8.  How are they shipped?
    All pieces (except items $1200.00 and up)  are shipped UPS, insured.  So we cannot ship to a P.O.Box, and in most cases a signature will be required by the UPS driver, so shipping to a place of business is often a good idea, especially if you aren't going to be home.  Only the larget pieces ($1200.00 and up) are shipped via a ground shipper, Usually Roadway, and they will call you before delivery.

    9.  What are shipping rates to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, *Foreign?
    Item Price: Alaska: Canada: Hawaii:
    $0-$199 $25 $25 $30
    $200-$1199 $40 $40 $70
    $1200-up $170 $170 $170
    For Canada, and depending on local Customs requirements, piece may have to be picked up by customer.
    *Canada is the only international destination we can ship to.

    10.  How are the pieces packed?
    Most pieces are encased in molded styrofoam, an extremely safe transit enviornment, and all are shipped insured, at no risk to our customers.  All pieces are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. (Please see "Our Guarantee").

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